Little Children, Music, & the Famous: Kids and Mozart


                                                                               Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
In our Kindermusik classes, Mozart seems to be the favorite composer among the children and it may very well be the fact that he was a child prodigy.  Young children love to hear about the accomplishments of other children and there were many stories about Mozart and his fantastic performances in the courts of 18th Century Europe when he was as young as six years old! The exciting news of the recent discovery of the composition by Mozart found recently made the news headlines and it is really fun to hear this newest piece performed. It has been decided that the manuscript written in Mozart's own hand was composed when he was eleven years old. Here is the link to the CBS news clip with a recording of the musical piece being performed on Mozart's own piano in Salzburg, Austria:

Mozart's opera, "The Magic Flute" has some entertaining elements for young children and in the Kindermusik unit, "Sing a Story" there are some fun excerpts from this opera from 3 centuries ago that have kept my young students captivated! Here is a quick video from a performance of the "Magic Flute" that I hope you enjoy:

                                                          Aria from the "Queen of the Night" 
I was pleasantly surprised that the young children in our Kindermusik classes ask to hear this aria "again!" Who says children can't fall in love with opera.

I found this video of a child prodigy singing the same "Queen of the Night" aria and I was charmed. See what your child thinks:

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