My Quirky Little Music Videos: Funny Glissandos and "Silly Slides"!


Our latest Kindermusik unit, "Under the Rainbow" features the musical concepts of "high" notes and "low" notes and the delightful "glissando."

Here is a definition I found on wikipedia:

Glissando notation
In music, a glissando (plural: glissandi,abbreviated gliss.) is a glide from onepitch to another. It is an Italianizedmusical term derived from the Frenchglisser, to glide. In some contexts it is distinguished from the continuousportamento. Some colloquial equivalents are slidesweep (referringto the 'discrete glissando' effects on guitar & harp respectively), bendor'smear'.

The children in class love to make glissando sounds with Glockenspiels, the keyboard and their voices! But, the most fun is making glissando actions with their bodies! Here is a funny video featuring all kinds of funny glissandos with the Kindermusik International song, "Silly Slides" from the unit, "Under the Rainbow." Once again my most-talented godson, Myles did most of the puppeteering. I hope you enjoy it!

Watch for next week's not-so-spooky pirate video created by my grand daughter. Happy October!

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