A Funny Music Video: "The Mole Song" Comes to Life!


In Kindermusik class, children love to move and groove to the music of the lesson. They also become quite adept at singing and focused listening. The Take Home materials, that include a cd of the songs we are learning in class, just happen to be one of the biggest benefits of being enrolled in a Kindermusik class. In the ABC Music & Me series  for Preschoolers, there is a keyboard component of the lesson that allows the child to explore ways of playing that instrument. (ex: "presto" or "largo") The children get ready to play, by singing the "Bubble Song." This delightful song helps the children put their hands in the correct rounded position for playing piano---by catching pretend bubbles and then turning them over gently in their hands!

                                                Correct "curled" position for playing the keyboard

One of the most fun activities for young children is playing with puppets, and this is a great way to develop those muscles in the hand and fingers! Small muscle development is so important for a child to be able to write, of course. But strengthening the muscles of the hand is important for playing musical instruments as well. Ask any musician!

Our classes often have a little time to explore using finger puppets and child-sized hand puppets. In the "Giggles" unit of Kindermusik classes, the children have been using animal puppets to act out the words to the song "I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground." This just happens to be one of my favorite old songs, and my "hero" Doc Watson had a wonderful version of the song! My godchild, Myles and I created a fun and silly video for this cherished old favorite. Hope you enjoy our version of mole love!

Get your harmonica out and join in the fun!

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