Another Quirky Music Video: Sloths and Largo


Children get a kick out of unusual animals, and sloths just have to be one of the most unusual animals around.  I have read that they are the very slowest animals in the whole world! Moving so very, very slowly is quite a feat for young children and the Kindermusik "Giggles" unit encourages this "control of movement" with a delightful song about a sloth.

                 "High up in a tree, a sloth looks down at me!" (Words from the Kindermusik Sloth Song)

In the Kindermusik "Giggles" unit, children are challenged to move slowly to the beat of the "Sloth Song" and the results are very impressive. We learned that because sloths move so slowly, green algae begins to grow on their fur making them have a greenish hue! This is great camouflage for this huge animal who lives in the middle of the forest.

Moving as slowly as a sloth can be lots of fun for children!

The following photos were taken by Jeri-Jo Idarius (from Carolyn's Magical Movement Company Archive)

Hugging a sloth puppet and "hanging upside down" in Willits Kindermusik class

"Slowly, Slowly, Slowly said the Sloth" by Erik Carle
(Photos by Jeri-Jo Idarius (from Carolyn's archives)

Here's my latest quirky video that Myles helped me produce.  We had a lot of fun creating the "Sloth Family Band" and spray painting our sloth puppet green! If you watch it on full screen you can see the wonderful slow movements of the real sloth!


Hope you have fun cuddling with your sweetie-pie and enjoy a largo beat for these remaining summer days!

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