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Summer time is a favorite time of year for children since there is so much to do outdoors.

                                            Summer fun in a hotel in Southern California with my grandson

If you happen to live in a very hot area, your child may spend afternoons indoors because of the heat! Eventually, children need to get moving and that is what Kindermusik is all about. Movement!

Music class with Carolyn in Willits, CA (photo by Jeri-Jo Idarius)

Those hot afternoons and early evenings are a great time for  "performances" in the living room or front porch. Put on some fun music and pick up a ribbon or a scarf and MOVE! The summer is the time for fun and fun is often just plain being silly!
Here is a silly performance to a fun song from  the website of  Madeline L. Pots.

Check out Madeline's website for more fun music, videos and even free ukelele lessons! HERE'S THE LINK:
Our Kindermusik unit for July is called "Giggles" and there are lots of fun songs and silly games that go along with the songs on the cd from the Home Materials.

The literature book for the "Giggles" unit features jokes that kids will have a great time telling and there will surely be lots of giggles.

If you have some time to tell your favorite silly joke for kids, please add it to the comments for this blog!

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