Winter, Music & the Family: The Fun of Music at Home


If you are looking to have some fun with your child with music at home, here is a darling video from Elizabeth Mitchell. Her music is a wonderful addition to any child's cd library and this little movie is an inspiration for playing music together at home...including the harmonica! Check out her website:

Young children seem to create in several different ways at the same time. The young children I work with love to make things out of paper and then immediately put it to use with either a spontaneous theatrical play story or a lovely song & movement composition. Recently, we have added toddlers to our preschool program, and these very youngest cutie-pies are constantly creating a show for me. All I have to do is mention a word (like "kitty cat" or "cow" or even "car") and before I can blink, there is a little "movie" presented to me in a delightful manner!

"If you give a child a sock..."

Carolyn's music class in Willits. Photo by J J Idarius
 "...You will soon have a fun little performance as unique as can be!"

If you happen to be a Kindermusik family, then you may have created many little performances in your living room or kitchen that bring giggles and laughter along with the enjoyment of the creative moments that make family life & music an inseparable combination. 

Kindermusik is an internationally renowned music education program for children from birth to age 7. It is set us as a  studio class for the child and the parent to attend together and you even receive a home packet with a songbook, a small rhythm instrument and suggestions for activities to do at home with the whole family. Here's the link for more information: Kindermusik International.

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